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Botanical Artist's Association of South Africa features Janet Snyman and Little Sphaeroid Press

by Russell Wagner

A lovely article on Little Sphaeroid Press's patronage of the botanical arts has been featured in the Newsletter of the Botanical Artist's Society of South Africa. We offer a download of the article here.

We were honored when Gerhard Marx asked us for permission to discuss our upcoming book series on the mesembs in an article he was preparing for The S.A. Botanical Aritst, the Newsletter of the Botanical Artists' Association of South Africa. The real goal of the article was to expose the incredible skills of one of South Africa's most talented botanical illustrators, Janet Snyman. Five of her watercolors and thirteen drawings will appear in our next book, The Titanopsis Group.

The article discusses the importance of botanical art and its relevance in today's botanical books. It features two of Janet's paintings comissioned by Little Sphaeroid Press, one of Deilanthe peersii, and another of Ihlenfeldtia vanzylii


Article by Gerhard Marx about Little Sphaeroid Press and the artwork of Janet Snyman


Feel free to download the pdf, which excerpts the newsletter, and read it for yourself.