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Specialist botanical books of the quality we have proposed are invariably supported by patrons and sponsors. The costs of production, of artwork, and of the time and expertise of the author are high, and without injection of substantial financial support, a book's price can exceed the reach of the intended audience. A core group of founding donors has made it possible for us to begin this work, but our fund-raising efforts are not exhausted. You may support this series in a number of ways.


As each volume nears completion, we will offer members of the public an opportunity to purchase on a subscription basis. These pre-orders help us to determine demand and offset the cost of production and printing. Pre-orders may also qualify for discounts on retail price and shipping, along with other incentives and specials.

Buy a deluxe edition

Each volume we produce will be issued in at least two editions: a standard full-color hardback and a deluxe edition with a custom artisan binding produced in very small numbers. These deluxe editions are both rare collectables and support the operations of Little Sphaeroid Press while allowing us to engage the best book artists and artisan binders, keeping alive this beautiful tradition of botanical publishing.

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In order to keep abreast of our offerings, join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook. We won't bother you often—two or three times per year or whenever a new product is offered for sale.

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Consider adding a link to Little Sphaeroid Press to your website, mention us on your favorite discussion forums, and help us grow. We can't do it without you.